Luis Rivera

Entrepreneur - Engineer

Passionate about technology, music, sports, family and friends. 15 years of experience in the Information Technology industry developing projects for clients in the US and Ecuador. Avante Logic is the product of all these projects, partners and customers.

and a little history

In my early years as a professional I worked for software development companies implementing projects for Centro Mundo Bank (now Credifé of the Pichincha Group), Ministry of Education of Ecuador, BANRED, GIZ and more. In 2007 I decided to become an independent and since then work mainly with foreign clients.

Avante Logic is the product of 15 years experience involved in technology projects. Currently, depending on the scope and complexity of the requirements of our customers, I develop projects invividually or we create a team of engineers, designers and top professionals.

I believe in entrepreneurship, so in addition to solving the requirements of our customers, I'm involved in other personal projects and with business partners who share the core values I appreciate: human and professional qualities, curiosity and motivation to constantly grow.


We develop technological projects for all types of companies. Our products range from simple websites to advanced customer support systems and mobile device apps.

The Fashion Group

Head Programmer and IT Consultant. The Fashion Group International Inc. is an organization with over 5,000 members of the fashion industry.

USMLE Mindmaps

This system is the perfect study companion for future doctors who take the USMLE examinations in America.

Computer Projections

IT Consultant. Computer Projections Inc. is a technology company (cloud computing, strategic systems planning) headquartered in New York.


"It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?"
Henry David Thoreau